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risk of drinking coca cola


The risk of drinking Coca cola 

كوكا كولا,coca cola

Welcome to HEALTH Althougth most of us know that sipping coca cola chemical filled bad for our health and can make it almost impossible to lose weight. sometimes craving for cold ice can be very difficult to ignore, we get it, but if you are looking for a way to kick this habit foor good we have the answer.
Anew infographic created by a former pharmacits breaks down what happens inside the body in the first hour after polishing a can of coke in five and 10 minute.
frankly its absolutely awesome, if this does note help you overcome the habit coca cola we are not sure what you will.
we will risk drining coca-cola .

كوكا كولا,coca cola

After 10 minutes

when you drink coca cola, ten minuts  after sip the last value of a full day of sugar hits your system, the only reasonthat does not make you sick in your stomach, is because coke is, filled with phosphoric acid * a chemical used in fertilizers and soaps * which
harms the health of the body, reducing the flavor of sweetness.

After 20 minutes 

fat builds up due to hyperglycemia which causes an insulin explosion. in response, the liver turns all the sugarcan get its hands on the fat, and after you have landed the coke, there are at leats ten teaspoons worth in your system. coca cola

After 45 minutes

a real risk to the mind because of all the sugar, you'll be hit with a wave of dobamine, much like when someone takes heroin. coca cola . read more top 9 foods causes cancer

 After 60 minutes or more 

after 60 minutes, nature is sure to call and you literally overshadow the electrolytes, calicum nutrients  that promote satiety and build strong bones, and water that your body is about to absorb and utilize, after more time passes expect a major sugar crash that leaves you slow and irritable.
be careful coca cola 

8 results of drinking coca cola daily 

 8- vitamine deficiency
كوكا كولا,coca cola

 7- dental erosion
كوكا كولا,coca cola

كوكا كولا,coca cola

5- obesity  
كوكا كولا,coca cola

4- skin problems
كوكا كولا,coca cola

3- heart and blood problems
كوكا كولا,coca cola

2- risk of cancer 
كوكا كولا,coca cola

1- kidney failure
كوكا كولا,coca cola
For this you should avoid drinking coca cola in bulk .
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coca cola 

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